Decorative living room paint: good colors, traps to avoid …

How to adopt duck blue in the living room? [Pinterest inspiration] It is a tone halfway between blue and green, which largely seduces the world of decoration: duck blue (so named in reference to the nuanced feathers of the mallard) does not lose anything of its superb . Over the years, the color has detached itself from its purely bohemian look to slip into all types of interior. Thus it modernizes a classic living room or warms the minimalist lines of a Scandinavian living room. No matter how you want to invite him home, duck blue remains a great invitation to travel. The proof in 10 inspiring variations for the show. Facebook

Living room painting: associations of colors that work Color is an instigator of good humor in interiors. Well-being, conviviality, originality or personality, the appearance of the walls says a lot about the members of the household; in particular if it is a question of the show where the passages are regular. It is very rare to find no colorful touch in living spaces, especially as a section of wall or painted basement alone impacts the atmosphere created. On the other hand, the associations of tones seem much rarer. Painting the partitions with a variety of colors is an option that is too often overlooked (probably for fear of failed marriages). However, choosing two or three paintings is the best way to do away with the impersonal monochrome gray or white in the living room. The proof with these interiors that see all the colors! Facebook

How to choose your white paint? With thousands of shades, white is not as simple as it seems! As soon as it is a little tinted (yellow, blue, green or gray), it becomes a full color to handle with care. With certain advantages, white is reputed to bring in particular a greater luminosity in the room. But beware, it is also very messy … And used improperly, white is impersonal, almost banal. Discover all the tips from Catherine Filoche, color stylist for Dulux Valentine, and Charles Debains, co-founder of Monsieur Peinture, in order to better understand white paint and choose it according to the right criteria. Facebook

Decorative living room paint: good colors, traps to avoid ... Of all the paints, acrylic

How to repaint a radiator yourself? Want to change the color of your radiator or modernize it with paint? You are in the right place. From the choice of material to the technique, Côté Maison gives you all its tips for painting a radiator yourself … Facebook

12 ways to organize your living room With many possible configurations, the living room adapts to the place but also to the desires of its occupants. For some, this living room represents a cocoon where one likes to take refuge, while others see it as a reception space where to find family and friends with pleasure. Over the needs and wishes of each, the layout helps to create a living room that suits you. The arrangement of armchairs, chairs, sofas or coffee tables must be carefully defined so that the atmosphere sticks to your wishes. A long lounge, open to the outside or with an office area: discover 12 inspiring layouts to create your own. Facebook

Choosing the right gray paint: expert advice If it has suffered for a long time from a halftone reputation, mainly due to a poor knowledge of color, gray is more readily present in our homes today. It is found in many decoration collections, on light fixtures like furniture; but it is especially in the paint department that he regularly reveals new variants. It must be said that gray has a plethora of more or less intense shades to satisfy our desires, sometimes difficult to determine. The fact remains that improper use of gray paint immediately seals the mood. So, to avoid any disappointment with this tone, we took advice from two gender experts, Catherine Filoche, color stylist for Dulux Valentine and Déborah Calfond, architect and co-founder of the LAGOM agency. Facebook

More than 40 colors to repaint your living room Amber Honey, color of the year 2019 (by Dulux Valentine), pink in various shades, sparkling blue, orange or yellow to energize the atmosphere and even black for the classic chic … We dare the color on the walls of his living room: a few strokes of paint will be enough to restore good looks to this living room. Freeze frame on more than 40 shades that warm up the decor. Facebook

Combining colors: the 6 traps to avoid Daring colors in decoration is trendy. But be careful not to make mistakes. In interiors, certain shades of marriage can lead to divorce! Côté Maison presents the mistakes to avoid with colors, and offers alternatives to create beautiful associations of tones in the house. Facebook

What colors to repaint the house? A little paint gives decoration another life. In an office area, a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom, color brings a certain personality to the room. Depending on the shade chosen, the paint can also create a feeling of space or delimit an area. With different qualities specific to each tone, a yellow is solar, an almond green is soothing and an enveloping pink. In tune with the times, dark colors play a big part in the home and are everywhere. On a section of wall, a midnight blue creates a beautiful contrast and sublimates a mirror or a frame. Through an eclectic and trendy color chart, draw beautiful ideas to repaint the house and sprinkle colors inspired in the decoration. Facebook

Painting yourself: 10 traps to avoid Are you embarking on a painting project and want to repaint a wall, a floor, a ceiling yourself? Follow our advice not to fall into the most common traps, and spoil the decoration of your rooms … Choice and quantity of paint, passage of the roller, preparation of the support and the site to paint well yourself. From walls to ceiling, interior designer Valérie Laporte Volatier gives you her sharp advice and the traps to avoid in order to succeed in your painting project like a pro. Facebook

20 photos of living rooms with authentic beams, beams are an asset that must be looked after if you are lucky enough to have them. In the living room, they warm the atmosphere and maintain the convivial and cozy aspect that we all look for in a living room. These 20 rooms with beams only confirm the first impression: impossible to match the cachet of yesteryear beams. Facebook

15 ways to invite color to the living room Is your living room lacking in temperament? Think of the paint to give it a bit of panache. From the classic black and white duo to the intense nuances of a scorched earth, passing by a more or less pronounced monochrome, the spectrum of colors offers enough alternatives to wake up a stay asleep for a few years. And to fill up on inspiration, this is where it happens. Facebook

Decoration: 20 inspirations to travel from your sofa [Pinterest inspiration] Without going to the other side of the world, it is possible to escape from your own living room. By installing a hammock like in the Cyclades, a surfboard in a wink to California or with a string of ethnic cushions like a riad in Marrakech. Inspirations multiply for a beautiful parenthesis at home and distant horizons become close at hand. Depending on the style of decoration, a spirit rather Zen like in Japan or conversely a cabinet of curiosities effect USA way, the tracks are endless. In order to get as close as possible to reality, shopping is done during different journeys. Browse 20 ideas for traveling from your sofa and creating a different living room. Facebook

Our 7 tips for choosing the color of the living room What color should you choose for a living room? Can you fall for trendy paint colors without fear of getting bored? Or on the contrary, should we prefer a more classic color palette so as not to be disappointed with the result? Sophie Neveu, color advice expert at Little Greene, sets the tone and tells you without nuance which color to choose for a living room. And especially how. To your brushes! Facebook

Decorative living room paint: good colors, traps to avoid ... entrust this operation to the

[Best 2018] Top 10 of the most read painting articles Painting is the ideal solution to give character to the decoration of your interior. Painting a wall, the ceiling, a piece of furniture or tiles, there are many desires … But mistakes too! Before you start, many of you are looking for the best advice so that you don’t go wrong. Côté Maison has therefore selected for you a summary of the “painting” articles that helped you the most in 2018. Facebook

Epoxy paint: what you need to know Epoxy paint is a particularly resistant and durable oil paint, used both outdoors and indoors, on a wide variety of support types: concrete, stone, tiles, wood, PVC and metal. Here is what you need to know before, during and after its application. Facebook

Living room decor: long live white! Bright and warm at the same time, white is a real decoration chameleon. With large windows and minimalist furniture, it gives off a nice feeling of space in the living room. Combined with soft materials, such as wood, linen or velvet, white becomes warm. Small living room or large living room, decoration professionals like to appropriate it to create a pleasant space. Far from being bland or without personality, white is full of charm in an authentic or contemporary living room. Studio, Haussmannian apartment, holiday home or family home, discover 20 inspirations and as many styles where white dominates … and therefore as many good reasons to adopt it in the living room! Facebook

Repainting a ceiling with exposed beams Ceilings with exposed beams, which are called “French”, impose their charm tinged with authenticity in the house. To gain clarity, we explain how to repaint them in 7 easy-to-follow steps. Facebook

Painting: 10 ways to make the ceiling the 5th wall of the house! [Pinterest inspiration] Very often, when we decide to revamp our interior, the walls are the first elements to be repainted and the ceilings are generally left white; either to enlarge the room, or out of negligence or lack of time. However, once colored in blue, red, gray or even black, the ceilings become decorative elements in their own right with which to play without moderation! Shall we show you? Facebook

How to paint a ceiling? Our advice The technique for painting a ceiling is the same as for a wall, but the uncomfortable position – head in the air and arms outstretched – complicates the task. Tips and tricks for painting a clean, smooth ceiling. Facebook

How to paint a wall: the 5 steps Repainting a wall to rejuvenate a room or revamp it to your taste is within everyone’s reach: all it takes is a little preparation and application. If the whole room is to be redone, start with the ceiling to avoid sagging. Here’s how to paint a wall in 5 steps. Facebook

Painting: small salons dare to color Do you think color is forbidden in small salons? Big mistake! Judiciously applied on one or two walls, yellow, blue, green, brown paints could work wonders in living rooms, even tiny ones. Facebook

The living rooms grind black and it’s hot! It has already won over a number of cuisines, the once dreaded black is now one of the climbing colors of the decor. Painting, canopy, sofa, armchair … The dark shade in whole or in touches interferes in our living rooms to reveal their character. 12 atmospheres to demonstrate it to you. Facebook

Lime paint: 5 things to know Lime paint (or “lime milk”) can be applied both outside and inside, and in all rooms of the house. Here are the 5 essential characteristics of this painting with multiple virtues. Facebook

Quote: what price to paint an apartment or a house? Painting your walls cannot be improvised. Whether it is renovation work or a simple refresh of your interior design, you will not escape the paint box. It is also preferable to entrust this operation to the professionals, from the preparation phase of the walls to the painting. So what is the price of a painting quote? Each project being unique, – depending on the surface to be painted, the condition of the walls, the finishes requested, etc. – it is difficult to give a “standard” price for given surfaces. However, Côté Maison offers you to analyze the elements that vary the price from one quote to another, and sample quotes for 6 different surfaces, from 45 to 110 m2, in the cities of Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux . Facebook

Painting a wall: the 5 mistakes to avoid Painting a wall is not only a matter of decoration: this operation requires a certain know-how, to obtain the desired effect and guarantee good performance over time. Here are the 5 mistakes to avoid. Facebook

Painting: focus on the new colors Dulux Valentine What’s new at Dulux Valentine? After having presented us with its color of 2017, the Gray Blue, the leading brand in the paint sector, unveils its new color chart. It has been broken up into four new families and adapted to several paint ranges (Color Résist, Cream in matt color and colors of the world), just to touch as many walls as possible from the living room to the bedroom through the kitchen and the bathroom. The Blue Gray interferes in these universes and reveals, according to the colors with which it is confronted, unexpected reflections. At the origin of these themes, our lifestyles: the “new romanticism” with its cool colors like Soft Green, Powdered Violet, will appeal to those who, through color, wish to create in their interior a calm and warm atmosphere. The bold colors used in the “work at home” palette clearly define these dedicated areas. There, the soft Bleu Ardoise flirts with deep black. With “shared individualism”, very different colors like Green Topaz and Copper Pink harmonize warmly. Finally, “essential luxury” highlights a combination of soft colors, such as White Marble, the Orient Terrace. Here, these new colors staged. Facebook

Dulux Valentine reveals THE color of the year 2017 Each year its new products and the world of painting is no exception to the rule. Dulux Valentine, leading brand in this sector, lifts the veil on its star color. In 2017, the shade Blue Gray will be the star. >> Read also >> Painting: 5 mistakes to avoid in the Facebook room

12 decorative ideas to bring color to the living room Your living room lacks personality? Is he even a little sad? How about using color to give it a makeover and give it the shine it needs? A pastel geometric wallpaper placed on a wall of the room, a candy pink sofa or a carpet in bright colors … There is no shortage of ideas to transform the living room into a trendy, bright and stylish den! Demonstration. Facebook

Painting: 5 mistakes to avoid in the living room Centerpiece in an interior, the living room is warm, welcoming and decorative. Also, choosing to paint your walls in this or that color cannot be done in a hurry. But don’t panic, Claire Clerc, interior decorator, Catherine Filoche, color stylist for Dulux Valentine and Christine Cornu, artistic manager at EleonorDéco, advise you. With them, no regrettable error will happen. Facebook

Buying guide: how to choose the right paint? Do you have a color project in mind but are not sure which paint to use? Glycero, acrylic, mat or satin paint? Côté Maison takes stock with three professionals in the sector: Karine Giner, Tollens Interior Paint Product Manager, Anne-Laure Jacob, V33 Technical Decoration Paint Product Manager and Christophe Blondelle, Head of Dulux Valentine Consulting. Facebook

90 colors to repaint everything More than 20 photos to present you 90 paint colors. These color palettes will help you find the perfect paint for your walls. From white to black, including blues, pinks, yellows, browns, reds, greens … All the trendy colors are on Côté Maison. Facebook

New: discover the 60 color paints Côté Maison Côté Maison has joined forces with Ressource to launch a superb range of rich paint in 60 shades available in different finishes: mat, velvety mat, satin … 60 exclusive colors to discover and buy online on Facebook

Acrylic paint: 7 tips for painting well Acrylic paint is a water-based paint containing little or no solvents, odorless, easy to apply, quick-drying and suitable for almost any room. Of all the paints, acrylic paint is also the cheapest. Here are 7 tips for using it well. Facebook

What paint to repaint the living room? The painting in the living room does not support any lack of taste or any lack of application: it sets the tone of the house, because it is the most frequented room, the one that also welcomes guests. Tips for a successful decoration with a living room paint. Facebook

Painting: 80 new colors to revamp its interior Tollens unveils its 2015 paint collections exclusively at Castorama. We discover 3 universes and a wide choice of colors that make you want to create a wall decoration on top. From a retro blue to a nostalgic gray through a white of white, Côté Maison presents the new color paintings signed Tollens. Facebook

The new trendy colors Dulux Valentine Dulux Valentine unveils its new Couture 2015 paintings around 4 trendy and colorful collections exclusively at Castorama. From stone blue to gray green to organza pink, Côté Maison presents the 33 new color paintings by Dulux Valentine. Facebook

Painting: we put on colored walls No more dark and dull shades, the trend is for bright colors and full of reflections! So, to boost the decor of the bedroom like that of the living room, we take out the brush and brighten up the room with color paint. Get inspired with 12 photos spotted on Côté Maison Projets. Facebook

Why repaint myself? Repainting at home means giving back a clean, a makeover, beautifying your interior. But when the exercise is “homemade”, it has many other meanings. These are here deciphered and commented on by a duo of psychologists. Facebook