Decorative living room paint: good colors, traps to avoid …

How to adopt duck blue in the living room? [Pinterest inspiration] It is a tone halfway between blue and green, which largely seduces the world of decoration: duck blue (so named in reference to the nuanced feathers of the mallard) does not lose anything of its superb . Over the years, the color has detached itself from its purely bohemian look to slip into all types of interior. Thus it modernizes a classic living room or warms the minimalist lines of a Scandinavian living room. No matter how you want to invite him home, duck blue remains a great invitation to travel. The proof in 10 inspiring variations for the show. Facebook

Living room painting: associations of colors that work Color is an instigator of good humor in interiors. Well-being, conviviality, originality or personality, the appearance of the walls says a lot about the members of the household; in particular if it is a question of the show where the passages are regular. It is very rare to find no colorful touch in living spaces, especially as a section of wall or painted basement alone impacts the atmosphere created. On the other hand, the associations of tones seem much rarer. Painting the partitions with a variety of colors is an option that is too often overlooked (probably for fear of failed marriages). However, choosing two or three paintings is the best way to do away with the impersonal monochrome gray or white in the living room. The proof with these interiors that see all the colors! Facebook

How to choose your white paint? With thousands of shades, white is not as simple as it seems! As soon as it is a little tinted (yellow, blue, green or gray), it becomes a full color to handle with care. With certain advantages, white is reputed to bring in particular a greater luminosity in the room. But beware, it is also very messy … And used improperly, white is impersonal, almost banal. Discover all the tips from Catherine Filoche, color stylist for Dulux Valentine, and Charles Debains, co-founder of Monsieur Peinture, in order to better understand white paint and choose it according to the right criteria. Facebook

Decorative living room paint: good colors, traps to avoid ... Of all the paints, acrylic

How to repaint a radiator yourself? Want to change the color of your radiator or modernize it with paint? You are in the right place. From the choice of material to the technique, Côté Maison gives you all its tips for painting a radiator yourself … Facebook

12 ways to organize your living room With many possible configurations, the living room adapts to the place but also to the desires of its occupants. For some, this living room represents a cocoon where one likes to take refuge, while others see it as a reception space where to find family and friends with pleasure. Over the needs and wishes of each, the layout helps to create a living room that suits you. The arrangement of armchairs, chairs, sofas or coffee tables must be carefully defined so that the atmosphere sticks to your wishes. A long lounge, open to the outside or with an office area: discover 12 inspiring layouts to create your own. Facebook

Choosing the right gray paint: expert advice If it has suffered for a long time from a halftone reputation, mainly due to a poor knowledge of color, gray is more readily present in our homes today. It is found in many decoration collections, on light fixtures like furniture; but it is especially in the paint department that he regularly reveals new variants. It must be said that gray has a plethora of more or less intense shades to satisfy our desires, sometimes difficult to determine. The fact remains that improper use of gray paint immediately seals the mood. So, to avoid any disappointment with this tone, we took advice from two gender experts, Catherine Filoche, color stylist for Dulux Valentine and Déborah Calfond, architect and co-founder of the LAGOM agency. Facebook

More than 40 colors to repaint your living room Amber Honey, color of the year 2019 (by Dulux Valentine), pink in various shades, sparkling blue, orange or yellow to energize the atmosphere and even black for the classic chic … We dare the color on the walls of his living room: a few strokes of paint will be enough to restore good looks to this living room. Freeze frame on more than 40 shades that warm up the decor. Facebook

Combining colors: the 6 traps to avoid Daring colors in decoration is trendy. But be careful not to make mistakes. In interiors, certain shades of marriage can lead to divorce! Côté Maison presents the mistakes to avoid with colors, and offers alternatives to create beautiful associations of tones in the house. Facebook

What colors to repaint the house? A little paint gives decoration another life. In an office area, a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom, color brings a certain personality to the room. Depending on the shade chosen, the paint can also create a feeling of space or delimit an area. With different qualities specific to each tone, a yellow is solar, an almond green is soothing and an enveloping pink. In tune with the times, dark colors play a big part in the home and are everywhere. On a section of wall, a midnight blue creates a beautiful contrast and sublimates a mirror or a frame. Through an eclectic and trendy color chart, draw beautiful ideas to repaint the house and sprinkle colors inspired in the decoration. Facebook

Painting yourself: 10 traps to avoid Are you embarking on a painting project and want to repaint a wall, a floor, a ceiling yourself? Follow our advice not to fall into the most common traps, and spoil the decoration of your rooms … Choice and quantity of paint, passage of the roller, preparation of the support and the site to paint well yourself. From walls to ceiling, interior designer Valérie Laporte Volatier gives you her sharp advice and the traps to avoid in order to succeed in your painting project like a pro. Facebook

20 photos of living rooms with authentic beams, beams are an asset that must be looked after if you are lucky enough to have them. In the living room, they warm the atmosphere and maintain the convivial and cozy aspect that we all look for in a living room. These 20 rooms with beams only confirm the first impression: impossible to match the cachet of yesteryear beams. Facebook

15 ways to invite color to the living room Is your living room lacking in temperament? Think of the paint to give it a bit of panache. From the classic black and white duo to the intense nuances of a scorched earth, passing by a more or less pronounced monochrome, the spectrum of colors offers enough alternatives to wake up a stay asleep for a few years. And to fill up on inspiration, this is where it happens. Facebook

Decoration: 20 inspirations to travel from your sofa [Pinterest inspiration] Without going to the other side of the world, it is possible to escape from your own living room. By installing a hammock like in the Cyclades, a surfboard in a wink to California or with a string of ethnic cushions like a riad in Marrakech. Inspirations multiply for a beautiful parenthesis at home and distant horizons become close at hand. Depending on the style of decoration, a spirit rather Zen like in Japan or conversely a cabinet of curiosities effect USA way, the tracks are endless. In order to get as close as possible to reality, shopping is done during different journeys. Browse 20 ideas for traveling from your sofa and creating a different living room. Facebook

Our 7 tips for choosing the color of the living room What color should you choose for a living room? Can you fall for trendy paint colors without fear of getting bored? Or on the contrary, should we prefer a more classic color palette so as not to be disappointed with the result? Sophie Neveu, color advice expert at Little Greene, sets the tone and tells you without nuance which color to choose for a living room. And especially how. To your brushes! Facebook

Decorative living room paint: good colors, traps to avoid ... entrust this operation to the

[Best 2018] Top 10 of the most read painting articles Painting is the ideal solution to give character to the decoration of your interior. Painting a wall, the ceiling, a piece of furniture or tiles, there are many desires … But mistakes too! Before you start, many of you are looking for the best advice so that you don’t go wrong. Côté Maison has therefore selected for you a summary of the “painting” articles that helped you the most in 2018. Facebook

Epoxy paint: what you need to know Epoxy paint is a particularly resistant and durable oil paint, used both outdoors and indoors, on a wide variety of support types: concrete, stone, tiles, wood, PVC and metal. Here is what you need to know before, during and after its application. Facebook

Living room decor: long live white! Bright and warm at the same time, white is a real decoration chameleon. With large windows and minimalist furniture, it gives off a nice feeling of space in the living room. Combined with soft materials, such as wood, linen or velvet, white becomes warm. Small living room or large living room, decoration professionals like to appropriate it to create a pleasant space. Far from being bland or without personality, white is full of charm in an authentic or contemporary living room. Studio, Haussmannian apartment, holiday home or family home, discover 20 inspirations and as many styles where white dominates … and therefore as many good reasons to adopt it in the living room! Facebook

Repainting a ceiling with exposed beams Ceilings with exposed beams, which are called “French”, impose their charm tinged with authenticity in the house. To gain clarity, we explain how to repaint them in 7 easy-to-follow steps. Facebook

Painting: 10 ways to make the ceiling the 5th wall of the house! [Pinterest inspiration] Very often, when we decide to revamp our interior, the walls are the first elements to be repainted and the ceilings are generally left white; either to enlarge the room, or out of negligence or lack of time. However, once colored in blue, red, gray or even black, the ceilings become decorative elements in their own right with which to play without moderation! Shall we show you? Facebook

How to paint a ceiling? Our advice The technique for painting a ceiling is the same as for a wall, but the uncomfortable position – head in the air and arms outstretched – complicates the task. Tips and tricks for painting a clean, smooth ceiling. Facebook

How to paint a wall: the 5 steps Repainting a wall to rejuvenate a room or revamp it to your taste is within everyone’s reach: all it takes is a little preparation and application. If the whole room is to be redone, start with the ceiling to avoid sagging. Here’s how to paint a wall in 5 steps. Facebook

Painting: small salons dare to color Do you think color is forbidden in small salons? Big mistake! Judiciously applied on one or two walls, yellow, blue, green, brown paints could work wonders in living rooms, even tiny ones. Facebook

The living rooms grind black and it’s hot! It has already won over a number of cuisines, the once dreaded black is now one of the climbing colors of the decor. Painting, canopy, sofa, armchair … The dark shade in whole or in touches interferes in our living rooms to reveal their character. 12 atmospheres to demonstrate it to you. Facebook

Lime paint: 5 things to know Lime paint (or “lime milk”) can be applied both outside and inside, and in all rooms of the house. Here are the 5 essential characteristics of this painting with multiple virtues. Facebook

Quote: what price to paint an apartment or a house? Painting your walls cannot be improvised. Whether it is renovation work or a simple refresh of your interior design, you will not escape the paint box. It is also preferable to entrust this operation to the professionals, from the preparation phase of the walls to the painting. So what is the price of a painting quote? Each project being unique, – depending on the surface to be painted, the condition of the walls, the finishes requested, etc. – it is difficult to give a “standard” price for given surfaces. However, Côté Maison offers you to analyze the elements that vary the price from one quote to another, and sample quotes for 6 different surfaces, from 45 to 110 m2, in the cities of Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux . Facebook

Painting a wall: the 5 mistakes to avoid Painting a wall is not only a matter of decoration: this operation requires a certain know-how, to obtain the desired effect and guarantee good performance over time. Here are the 5 mistakes to avoid. Facebook

Painting: focus on the new colors Dulux Valentine What’s new at Dulux Valentine? After having presented us with its color of 2017, the Gray Blue, the leading brand in the paint sector, unveils its new color chart. It has been broken up into four new families and adapted to several paint ranges (Color Résist, Cream in matt color and colors of the world), just to touch as many walls as possible from the living room to the bedroom through the kitchen and the bathroom. The Blue Gray interferes in these universes and reveals, according to the colors with which it is confronted, unexpected reflections. At the origin of these themes, our lifestyles: the “new romanticism” with its cool colors like Soft Green, Powdered Violet, will appeal to those who, through color, wish to create in their interior a calm and warm atmosphere. The bold colors used in the “work at home” palette clearly define these dedicated areas. There, the soft Bleu Ardoise flirts with deep black. With “shared individualism”, very different colors like Green Topaz and Copper Pink harmonize warmly. Finally, “essential luxury” highlights a combination of soft colors, such as White Marble, the Orient Terrace. Here, these new colors staged. Facebook

Dulux Valentine reveals THE color of the year 2017 Each year its new products and the world of painting is no exception to the rule. Dulux Valentine, leading brand in this sector, lifts the veil on its star color. In 2017, the shade Blue Gray will be the star. >> Read also >> Painting: 5 mistakes to avoid in the Facebook room

12 decorative ideas to bring color to the living room Your living room lacks personality? Is he even a little sad? How about using color to give it a makeover and give it the shine it needs? A pastel geometric wallpaper placed on a wall of the room, a candy pink sofa or a carpet in bright colors … There is no shortage of ideas to transform the living room into a trendy, bright and stylish den! Demonstration. Facebook

Painting: 5 mistakes to avoid in the living room Centerpiece in an interior, the living room is warm, welcoming and decorative. Also, choosing to paint your walls in this or that color cannot be done in a hurry. But don’t panic, Claire Clerc, interior decorator, Catherine Filoche, color stylist for Dulux Valentine and Christine Cornu, artistic manager at EleonorDéco, advise you. With them, no regrettable error will happen. Facebook

Buying guide: how to choose the right paint? Do you have a color project in mind but are not sure which paint to use? Glycero, acrylic, mat or satin paint? Côté Maison takes stock with three professionals in the sector: Karine Giner, Tollens Interior Paint Product Manager, Anne-Laure Jacob, V33 Technical Decoration Paint Product Manager and Christophe Blondelle, Head of Dulux Valentine Consulting. Facebook

90 colors to repaint everything More than 20 photos to present you 90 paint colors. These color palettes will help you find the perfect paint for your walls. From white to black, including blues, pinks, yellows, browns, reds, greens … All the trendy colors are on Côté Maison. Facebook

New: discover the 60 color paints Côté Maison Côté Maison has joined forces with Ressource to launch a superb range of rich paint in 60 shades available in different finishes: mat, velvety mat, satin … 60 exclusive colors to discover and buy online on Facebook

Acrylic paint: 7 tips for painting well Acrylic paint is a water-based paint containing little or no solvents, odorless, easy to apply, quick-drying and suitable for almost any room. Of all the paints, acrylic paint is also the cheapest. Here are 7 tips for using it well. Facebook

What paint to repaint the living room? The painting in the living room does not support any lack of taste or any lack of application: it sets the tone of the house, because it is the most frequented room, the one that also welcomes guests. Tips for a successful decoration with a living room paint. Facebook

Painting: 80 new colors to revamp its interior Tollens unveils its 2015 paint collections exclusively at Castorama. We discover 3 universes and a wide choice of colors that make you want to create a wall decoration on top. From a retro blue to a nostalgic gray through a white of white, Côté Maison presents the new color paintings signed Tollens. Facebook

The new trendy colors Dulux Valentine Dulux Valentine unveils its new Couture 2015 paintings around 4 trendy and colorful collections exclusively at Castorama. From stone blue to gray green to organza pink, Côté Maison presents the 33 new color paintings by Dulux Valentine. Facebook

Painting: we put on colored walls No more dark and dull shades, the trend is for bright colors and full of reflections! So, to boost the decor of the bedroom like that of the living room, we take out the brush and brighten up the room with color paint. Get inspired with 12 photos spotted on Côté Maison Projets. Facebook

Why repaint myself? Repainting at home means giving back a clean, a makeover, beautifying your interior. But when the exercise is “homemade”, it has many other meanings. These are here deciphered and commented on by a duo of psychologists. Facebook

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The best wall conditioners. Comparative & Buying Guide

Stationary air conditioners – Buying guide, Classification and Tests

Generally small, the wall-mounted air conditioner is very popular with a large number of people. The operation of this appliance resembles that of the refrigerator. The hot air is discharged outside and then replaced by the same amount but already cooled. There are a wide variety of wall-mounted air conditioners on the market. If you have to choose from the models offered on the market, the next lines may give you ideas. We will see some of the most recommendable products of the moment. Among them, Olimpia Splendid Unico Air 8 SF whose installation is said to be accessible to all, and whose dimensions remain discreet. In our comparison is added the D & s megastore Innova 2.0 12 -HP Inverter which does not require the installation of an outdoor unit and which can even be adjusted remotely.

The best wall conditioners. Comparative & Buying Guide extreme heat

Comparative table

The 8 Best Wall Conditioners (Reviews & Tests) of 2019

You should never trust the appearance of wall-mounted air conditioners at first glance, because they can look elegant, but nothing more. Each model must be tested before adopting it. In this sense, we have lightened the task for you by reviewing a selection of models that attract both by their designs and their particularities.

Wall mounted air conditioner without outdoor unit

1. Olimpia Splendid Air Conditioner without Outdoor Unit


Wall-mounted air conditioner without outdoor unit, the Unico Air 8 SF model from the Olimpia Splendid brand is designed to meet your needs in cold weather as well as in hot weather. With a nominal cooling capacity estimated at 1.8 KW, this device offers good performance.

Finally, this equipment is the perfect choice to improve your comfort at home or in the office. Class A air conditioner, it consumes less energy. Whether you use it for heating or during the heat season, you don’t have to worry about an exaggerated increase in your electricity bill.

Below or above, it is up to you to choose the installation solution that suits you according to your needs and constraints. For those who decide to install it indoors, the operation will only take a few minutes of your precious time. Besides the simple installation, this wall-mounted air conditioner is a practical and pleasant device to use. An application allows you to program and control this model without an external fixed unit via your 3G / 2G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, wherever you may be.

For the

An energy efficient air conditioner: This fixed class A model consumes little energy while ensuring optimal comfort.

Simple installation: Whether you choose a wall installation at the bottom or at the top, you will not have any major difficulty in installing this air conditioner.

Good performance: This model from the Olimpia Splendid brand will convince you with its performance in both hot and cold weather.

The cons

A model not so quiet in practice: This air conditioner is less noisy in operation than a split clim. The noise emitted can be annoying for people who have to sleep with it on a daily basis.

Monobloc wall mounted air conditioner

2. D & s megastore Innova 2.0 12-HP Inverter


Suited for domestic installations, this air conditioner has as main advantage its easy installation, requiring no outdoor unit. It will only be installed using 2 pipes. Moreover, it is effective in air conditioning an area of ​​around 56 m², due to its maximum cooling power of 3.10 kW, or 10,600 BTU / h. Since it only works under 730 Watts, it will not increase your energy consumption. Due to its A + energy efficiency, the impact it will have on the environment will be considerably reduced.

Even if you operate it for a while in your home, it respects your peace of mind. Indeed, it emits only 27 dB of noise pollution so that you can install it wherever you want, even in a bedroom. The icing on the cake, this model has Wi-Fi connectivity so that the user can configure it remotely using an application. A remote control also accompanies it to facilitate the settings on the fan speed, and the hot and cold modes.

For the

Silent: Although these devices are well known for their peculiarities in emitting more or less disturbing sounds, this device only includes a noise level of 27 dB.

Powerful: Depending on the size of the room to be cooled, this monobloc wall-mounted air conditioner without an external unit will be able to make both a large space and a cramped space cooler, thanks to its cooling efficiency of 10,600 BTU / h.

Connected: This model can be easily set on its weekly schedules or the blowing speed using an application on Smartphone.

The cons

Price: Given its many practical specificities, it is quite logical that this model is not intended for all budgets.

Wall-mounted reversible air conditioner

3. Daikin FTXB35C + RXB35C Clim inverter 3500W

Daikin clim inverter 3500W A + is a model to consider if you want to know which is the best wall mounted air conditioner on the market. This wall-mounted air conditioner has a power of 3500 W which makes it very efficient to benefit from a cool atmosphere. Its very elegant design allows it to be combined perfectly with interior decoration.

This device is reversible, that is to say that it can also heat the room if the temperature is too low. It uses the calories present in the outdoor air for this, making its use very ecological with a very low energy consumption.

This air conditioner offers optimal comfort to the user thanks to the filtration of dust particles and the uniform propagation of air. Thanks to Inverter technology, it keeps the temperature programmed by the user even if conditions vary. The noise it emits is around 25 dB, meaning very discreet operation.

Control of the device, considered to be the most efficient in its class, is done with an infrared remote control since its location on the wall is not very accessible. After a power failure, the model restarts automatically in the previously used settings. It also has a self-diagnostic function which helps to detect any problems in the operation of the device.

For the

Powerful: To know where to buy the best wall-mounted air conditioner, it is important to learn about many criteria including the power of the device. This air conditioner has a power of 3500 W, which largely allows to cool a room of more than 30 m² of surface.

Silent: The noise it produces during operation is around 25 dB, so it is not at all disturbing.

Self-diagnosis: The self-diagnosis function, present on this model, allows it to detect any operational problems that may cause premature wear of the device.

The cons

A fairly high price: Due to these many advantages, this wall air conditioner is a little more expensive than the other models on the list.

Monoblock wall mounted air conditioner

4. Window air conditioner Window Air Conditioner


Under a heat wave, this device can be used to cool your apartment, your accommodation or your office in no time. Several specific features attest to its practicality in bringing a breath of fresh air into your daily life. The cooling time can be adjusted according to your air conditioning needs by operating the unit for two minutes every 10 minutes.

Among other things, you will be able to save the energy consumed by the device by this adjustment functionality. In addition, still with this in mind, its compressor starts operating when a temperature that exceeds the indicated limit is detected.

Besides, it will not only serve you as an air conditioner, but also as a fan and dehumidifier to purify your interior in the best conditions. As for its installation, there is no need to fit your window since this unit is installed with accessories included in the pack.

For the

Adjustable: To have total control over the temperature in your home, you can adjust the compressor on the unit to turn on in 2 minutes every 10 minutes.

Display: For easy access to the 3 modes that this unit offers, it has a clear LED display on its front panel.

Complete: In the pack of this model, you will find a touch screen as well as a remote control allowing to operate the device remotely.

The cons

Packed with options: Even if this versatile model promises multiple uses, it may reduce the efficiency of certain modes of the device.

Daikin wall-mounted air conditioner

5. Daikin ATX35KV / ARX35K


This versatile model brings with it several practical functions to create a pleasant environment in your home. In addition to its obvious mission of air conditioning, it is able to function as refrigerant medium heating R410A, and also as cooling. In this sense, it can cool your home to a maximum capacity of 3320 Watts. In addition, its heating capacity includes a maximum power of 3500 Watts. Also, it incorporates a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU / H.

Moreover, it includes an energy efficiency in heating of 3.22 and 3.61 EER as well as a cooling efficiency of 3.22 EER. In order not to constantly get up from your relaxing seat to operate this cheap wall-mounted air conditioner, it is controlled remotely using a remote control. If you plan to place it outside, the corresponding unit emits a noise level of 43 dB. Otherwise, it outputs only a low noise level of 20 dB for the location of the indoor unit.

For the

Versatile: The decision is yours to decide between the cooling function, refrigerant medium heating or air conditioning, depending on the level of cooling your home requires.

Efficient: It makes your house cooler in no time, with its cooling efficiency of 3.22 EER and its heating efficiency of 3.22 and 3.61 EER.

2 units: The indoor unit will take the heat from your home, while the outdoor unit will take it out of your home.

The cons

No ionizer: It would have been more beneficial if this unit had also been equipped with the scattering function of harmful particles present in the air.

Small wall mounted air conditioner

6. Clivet Essential 2 53M monosplit 18000


Ideal for bringing fresh air to your home and office, this unit comes with interesting features to assess. The unit that will be installed outside has a component called Full Inverter DC to reduce the fluctuations caused by the temperature coming from inside. In addition, the indoor unit includes a cooling circuit part to serve as a condenser during winter periods, and evaporators during summer periods.

The best wall conditioners. Comparative & Buying Guide performance optimale sur

Electronic filtration and thermodynamic recovery can be used to renew the air in your home. When the unit was launched, the indoor unit emits a sound level of 57 dB, while the outdoor unit has 63 dB. As for the dimension, the outdoor unit measures 800 mm long, 333 mm wide and 554 mm high and weighs 35.5 kg. On the other hand, the indoor unit is lighter at 9 kg, with a dimension of 965 mm long, 215 mm wide and 319 mm high.

For the

Practical: This air conditioner will be useful to you both during heat waves and during winter times, thanks to its integrated condenser and evaporator.

Full inverter DC: This model equipped with the full inverter DC component considerably minimizes the temperature variations which are often noticed in a house.

Versatile: In addition to the air conditioner itself, thermodynamic recovery accompanied by electronic filtration also takes care of cooling your interior.

The cons

Noisy: Due to its noise pollution of 57 dB indoors, this device is not suitable for cooling a bedroom.

Samsung wall mounted air conditioner

7. Samsung WindFree Evo 9000 BTU F-AR09EVO


This model has advantageous features to transform your home into a friendly and well-ventilated place. Since it includes 21,000 micro-holes arranged in the front, clean air is efficiently diffused in your home. In addition, this device can be manipulated remotely due to its system connected by Wifi. Thus, you will no longer be forced to move each time the air conditioner requires specific settings.

As for its capacity, it includes a heating power of 3.2 kW and a cooling power of 2.5 kW. This efficient air conditioner would be able to produce fresh air 43% faster than standard models, due to its 8-pole digital inverter technology. Its sleep mode, meanwhile, produces the ideal climate for a good night’s sleep for its user. And to top it off, the device adds a PM2.5 filter to clean fine particles that can affect the quality of the ambient air.

For the

Effective: To quickly spread fresh air in your home, this device has 21,000 micro-holes placed in its front part.

Easy to set up: Since this device can be controlled over Wi-Fi, you can operate it remotely.

Comfortable: Thanks to its sleep mode, its speed of operation and its remote settings, this air conditioner offers a very comfortable use to its users.

The cons

Heavy: To move the unit from one layout to another, you need a second hand due to its weight of 27.6 kg for the outdoor unit and 9.4 kg for the indoor unit.

Mitsubishi wall mounted air conditioner

8. Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP25VG-E1


This model is powerful enough to adequately ventilate rooms of 20 to 25 m². Indeed, the device benefits from a heat capacity of 8 kWatts during winter periods. In addition, it also includes a cooling capacity of 7.1 kWatts during periods of extreme heat. But the biggest advantage of this model is its discretion, because very quiet, it emits only 19 dB so as not to disturb its users.

Equally interesting, this model adds a Nano Platinum filter, allowing it to capture all the finest particles from the ambient air. Thanks to its infrared remote control, you will be able to configure weekly schedules for 28 operating ranges. Also economical, this wall-mounted air conditioner will not increase your electricity bill. In addition to its efficiency, this device adds a touch of originality to your home decor by its attractive design.

For the

Powerful: This model has a cooling capacity of 7.1 k Watts and a heating capacity of 8 kWatts, to optimize the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Ultra Silent: This model can be installed in a bedroom thanks to its low sound rate of 19 dB.

Dust filter: In addition to serving as an air conditioner, this model also purifies the ambient air using its Nano Platinum filter.

The cons

Heavy: Although it is practical in its functionality, this model is unfortunately not portable due to its weight of 86 kg.


Wall-mounted air conditioner cleaning kit

Kaersishop Cleaning Dust Washing


Wall-mounted air conditioners require regular maintenance so that they can operate in the best conditions.

To get rid of all the dirt that has taken refuge in your device, this kit includes various cleaning accessories. It can be used as a wastewater tank for wind turbines to prevent them from accumulating at the back of the air conditioner.

It also has a waterproof cover to collect water when cleaning your device. In addition, this unit is designed from a triple layer composite nylon tarpaulin to give it resistance to different weather conditions.

Mitsubishi Inverter 9000 BTU

Are you looking for an air conditioner that saves money on your bill while enjoying maximum comfort in your home? Think of the Mitsubishi Inverter 9000 BTU model. Equipped with high energy efficiency motors, this device only consumes a total electrical energy of 151 kWh annually in cooling mode.

It is clear that by purchasing this air conditioning system, you will not be paying high bills. Mono split with a power of 2.5 kW, this version consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit for good daily comfort inside your rooms and interesting savings on your current bill.

Equipped with an anti-allergen filter, this Mitsubishi air conditioner not only refreshes your indoor air. It also eliminates mites, pollens and many other allergens that could be found inside your rooms. The intelligent design of this model offers daily programming via the infrared remote control, a restart as well as an automatic vertical scan. It will resume operating after a power failure, for example without your intervention. It is also very quiet with a low noise level. Its operation has no harmful effects on the atmosphere of your interior.

For the

Efficiency: With high-performance motors, this model ensures maximum comfort inside your rooms.

An economical device: Despite interesting performance, this wall-mounted air conditioner consumes very little energy. In addition, it contributes to the preservation of your health thanks to its anti-allergen filter.

Design: available in a white color, this model can easily be adapted to any type of environment.

The cons

Not easy installation: The installation of this air conditioner cannot be taken care of by a private individual. You have to call a professional. This generates additional costs.

Web-clim’aire Reversible air conditioner 2500 Kw

The Mundo Clima range is a range renowned for the quality of its models. If you want to buy a new wall air conditioner, this 2500 W air conditioner is an interesting model because it is more accessible. Its power is sufficient to cool a room with a surface area of ​​20 m², which corresponds to a medium-sized bedroom.

Its status as a reversible wall air conditioner also allows it to be used as a heater. It is thus useful both in hot weather and in cold season, hence it is no longer necessary in this case to buy a second appliance for heating.

This device comes with a mounting kit which allows its owner to fix it immediately upon receipt of the package and thus avoid wasting time waiting for a specialized technician. The presence of a remote control also makes it easy to operate the device remotely in order to fully enjoy the comfort it provides.

This model is very economical, because it is in the energy consumption class A ++. It is thus much more economical than almost all other models on the market. All this ranks it among the best models of this comparison.

For the

Inexpensive: Do not linger longer wondering which wall air conditioner to choose. This device consumes very little energy since it is in the energy class A ++. The latter simply includes the most economical devices on the market.

Fixing kit: The delivery package of this device automatically includes a fixing kit which allows its owner to install it himself upon receipt of the package.

Affordable: This air conditioner has many advantages while being quite affordable. This allows it to offer one of the best value for money on the market.

The cons

Complicated installation: Many buyers report that the installation of this air conditioner is quite difficult.

Samsung SAMFAR09MPE Air Conditioner

The Samsung brand is no longer present in the world of household appliances and its know-how also extends in the field of wall-mounted air conditioners. With Samsung with air conditioning kit, we have a good quality device and especially not expensive. It has a power of 840 W, which allows it to create a fresh atmosphere in a medium-sized room. Since it is only a reconditioned air kit, it is therefore not reversible and cannot be used for heating. Its use is thus rather intended for a rather hot place.

This Samsung wall-mounted air conditioner has an air flow capacity of 9.2 m3 per minute, hence the uniformity of the flow of fresh air into the room when the device is on. During operation, the SAMFAR09MPE produces noise of approximately 56 dB. Although it is not the quietest on the market, it still allows you to have a good day in perfect tranquility. The hose for connecting the internal module to the external module is 15 m long. Therefore, the user is free to choose the place where he wishes to install the air conditioner in his home.

For the

Good flow rate: Good quality, while cheaper, this air conditioner has an air flow capacity of 9.2 m3 / min allowing it to ensure a uniform air flow in the room.

Long pipe: The connection pipe between the two modules is 15 meters long, which allows you to freely choose the location of the device.

Affordable: Samsung with air conditioning kit is sold at a much more affordable price than most air conditioners on the market.

The cons

Non-reversible: This air conditioner only allows the air to be cooled, which limits its use to a fairly hot environment.

Purchase guide

Where to buy a new wall-mounted air conditioner? This is the question that bothers you. However, this buying guide for the best wall-mounted air conditioners will help you to choose the product that best meets your expectations. Also, it will also give you some clues that will allow you to better identify the right product. Furthermore, through this guide, you can also access a price comparison of all the wall-mounted air conditioners present there.

Energetic efficiency

How to buy a better value for money wall mounted air conditioner? First of all, you should know that the wall air conditioner exists in two types, including the classic model and the reversible model. The function of the classic wall-mounted air conditioner is to transform hot air into cold air.

Thus, the device captures calories and rejects them outside the home. In addition, it is also a device that dehumidifies the air and at the same time, it ensures its purification. Indeed, all this is possible thanks to its so-called filtration system. This ensures even more efficient air purification and a considerable reduction in bacteria, pollens and other impurities.

Wall-mounted air conditioners of the reversible type are dual-use devices. Indeed, they are not only known for their ability to cool air, but also for heating it. Currently, there are models of wall-mounted air conditioners which have the particularity of detecting the people who live in the home and thus, adapt the temperature according to the environment.

This appliance differs in its heating system which always goes into standby mode once the house is empty. Also, it activates automatically once one of the residents crosses the doorstep.

As a result, this fixed air conditioner allows you to save energy and thus reduce your electricity bills. Among other things, this air conditioner can save you up to 75% on your heating bill.

The power

When buying a wall-mounted air conditioner, you are advised to take into account several criteria, namely the brand of the product, its quality, its performance, its sound and above all its power. The latter is an essential point. At the same time, you are advised to bring the wall air conditioner that is suitable for the size of your fireplace when purchasing this product. To do this, you should know that too powerful a device will cool your interior quickly, but the air it releases will not be properly purified. The same is true for moisture, which may not be effectively removed.

A powerful and good quality wall air conditioner costs on average 600 euros. Quality comes at a price, and this product speaks volumes. However, even if its cost is quite high, it should not be forgotten that a good wall-mounted air conditioning system can be very beneficial in all points, according to the advice of professionals.


As the name suggests, a wall-mounted air conditioner is a device that attaches to the wall of the house. It contributes to the well-being of a home and thus, transforms hot air into cold air, through a system identical to that of a refrigerator. Also, it should be noted that this type of air conditioner operates with two separate units, one inside a house and the other outside. It is also prized by the fact that it works as a permanent climate control solution.

The wall-mounted air conditioner currently exists in many technological models which allow the operation of the device to be modulated according to the needs and expectations of its user. Therefore, it is a device that can be supplied with accessories when purchased.

Indeed, it may come with an infrared remote control, to allow you to more easily adjust and adjust the air temperature. At the same time, this infrared remote control also gives you the possibility of programming the diffusion of the air to the nearest degree at the most convenient time. In addition, the presence of its remote control also allows it to be easy to program and use.

Compact and quiet, this type of air conditioner ensures you a constant temperature throughout the year. In addition, it is also highly prized for its discretion, practicality, elegance and simplicity. Also, it is compact and can fulfill two functions in one device.

Perfect for home use, the wall air conditioner is in most cases not very bulky and does not require any special work for its installation. Indeed, it is easy to install and to do this, you simply have to follow instructions such as using small pipes to join the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. Several of these wall-mounted air conditioner models can however be connected to the same single outdoor unit to equip several rooms in the home.

Although hot air is lighter than cold air, you are advised to install your wall air conditioner as high as possible. This in order to capture a greater amount of heat and at the same time to diffuse the air cooled from above, because the heat resides especially on the heights of the room.

A wall-mounted air conditioner is a device that cools the ambient air inside a house. Unlike other types of this kind of equipment, it attaches to the wall. It also has the advantage of being compact and very efficient. But if you don’t know anything about this article, here are some tips on how to use it properly.

Check if your wall can support the weight of your air conditioner

It is recommended that your wall be strong enough to support the weight of your device. Otherwise, it may fall from its support and be damaged thereafter. If you need more support, you can have a wooden or metal frame built.

Place your air conditioner in a suitable location

It is contraindicated to expose your device to direct sunlight or other sources of heat so as not to damage it. You should also not place it next to fumes from oils or sulfur. Also keep it away from an electrical source such as a TV or security alarm. Otherwise, the interference will affect the proper functioning of your equipment. In the same vein, it is recommended to install your instrument more than 2 meters above the ground and not to put anything on the 15 cm that surrounds it.

Mount the support of your air conditioner on the wall

Dans cette étape, vous devez avant tout marquer avec un crayon les endroits qu’il faut percer pour fixer le support. Pour ce faire, mettez-le sur le mur et tracez vos pistes. Utilisez par la suite un niveau à bulle pour vérifier si votre engin est bien aligné. Pour finaliser le tout, percez des trous et insérez les chevilles conformes à la nature de votre mur. Cependant, avant de perforer, vous devez contrôler s’il n’y a aucun tuyau ou fil électrique dissimulé dans votre mur pour ne pas les abimer.

Percez un trou au bon diamètre dans votre mur pour y faire passer le tuyau

Vous devez tenir compte des indications du fabricant lors de la détermination de l’endroit à percer pour faire passer la liaison frigorifique. Il est aussi recommandé de trouer le mur suivant le diamètre précisé par le concepteur. Utilisez un marteau perforateur pour traverser le mur jusqu’à l’extérieur. Placez par la suite votre appareil sur son support tout en enfilant le câble d’alimentation et le tuyau dans le trou. Assurez-vous que ce dernier soit bien vertical. Pour finir, raccordez les deux éléments au compresseur fixé au sol.

Mettez en marche votre climatiseur mural

Une fois l’installation finie, vous pouvez allumer votre appareil. S’il fonctionne bien, bouchez les trous avec de l’enduit ou du mortier.

Nettoyez régulièrement votre climatiseur mural pour prolonger son espérance de vie

Il est recommandé de démonter le caisson pour décrasser le serpentin de votre matériel. Mettez les dispositifs nécessaires pour récupérer toutes les saletés puis nettoyez cet élément avec un produit chimique antibactérien. Rincez-le pour enlever les surplus. Le mieux c’est de le faire tous les 4 ans afin de réduire les risques de maladies respiratoires.

Les marques les plus populaires

Bénéficier de l’air frais en saison estivale, et d’un air réchauffant en période hivernale est aujourd’hui rendu accessible par les climatiseurs. Ce genre d’équipement existe sous différents modèles dont le type mural qui est surtout apprécié par sa compacité et son efficacité. Pour vous aider à dénicher la perle rare, vous devez avant tout détecter la meilleure fabrique. Raison pour laquelle nous vous proposons ci-après une vue d’ensemble sur les grandes enseignes les plus prisées.

Dès l’année 1929, la marque Mitsubishi œuvre pour la réalisation des appareils électroniques et électriques. En 1991, sa division chauffage climatisation s’est établie en France. Depuis ce moment, la firme fait partie des acteurs incontournables de la régulation de la température à l’intérieure des maisons.

Vous pouvez rencontrer sur son site des climatiseurs muraux conçus pour le secteur tertiaire. Les particuliers auront aussi droit aux applications qui leur sont dédiées. Quel que soit votre secteur, assurez-vous d’avoir le modèle mural muni de solutions domotiques les plus pratiques comme le programmateur de chauffage, l’interface Wifi ou la télécommande sans fil.

Si vous recherchez une enseigne riche en expériences, alors c’est vers la marque Supra que vous devez vous tourner. Basée à Obernai en Alsace, elle est réputée pour l’élaboration d’appareils de chauffage et de traitement de l’air.

La société œuvre pour le bien-être de toute famille. Assurez-vous d’obtenir le climatiseur mural conforme à vos besoins parmi les nombreux couleurs, fonctionnalités, formes et styles des articles qu’elle propose. Dans tous les cas, elle vous garantit la fiabilité de ses produits grâce à la réalisation de divers contrôles tout au long de la conception de ses instruments.

Sur le marché de la climatisation, la marque Daikin a su conquérir le cœur des consommateurs depuis 90 ans. Cette société de référence allie confort, économie d’énergie et fiabilité.

La firme est surtout célèbre grâce à ses unités murales d’un meilleur rapport qualité-prix et d’un design attrayant. Avec ses larges panels d’articles, vous trouverez surement celui qui convient à votre habitation. En ce qui concerne la réduction de votre consommation énergétique, cette enseigne est la première à instaurer des climatiseurs qui marchent avec le réfrigérant R-32. Celui-ci limite aussi au maximum l’impact de votre appareil sur l’environnement.

Panasonic se trouve dans l’univers du chauffage et de la climatisation depuis 30 ans. Cette société a écoulé ses articles auprès de 120 pays à travers le monde. Avec ses produits, vous pouvez vous attendre à de grandes performances et d’énorme économie d’énergie.

Si vous ne savez pas encore quelle marque choisir, celle-ci vous propose des appareils de la gamme confort. Avec son climatiseur mural, votre air sera purifié tout au long de l’année. De plus, elle vous présente de systèmes monosplit aux multisplit 5 sorties pour convenir à toute sorte de vos projets.

Fondée en 1958, la marque LG est un expert dans 4 domaines, dont le divertissement à domicile, les communications mobiles, les composants automobiles ainsi que l’électroménager et la climatisation. Dans ce dernier cas, la société a conçu des climatiseurs et des chauffages aptes à répondre à tous les besoins des consommateurs.

Ses produits ne servent pas uniquement à réchauffer ou à refroidir l’air, mais aussi à le filtrer pour avoir un environnement sain. Elle propose de nombreux modèles comme le monosplit, multisplit, tertiaire, pompes à chaleur air-eau, murale, Multi-V avec des accessoires et des commandes.

Questions fréquentes

Q1 : Comment installer un climatiseur mural ?

D’abord, vous devrez vous référer à la conception du climatiseur pour marquer les repères de perçage sur le mur. Cela fait, à l’aide d’une perceuse à percussion, entamez le perçage sur la marque ainsi faite et vissez ensuite la patte de fixation. En gardant un œil sur le manuel d’emploi de votre appareil, vous devrez trouer également le mur pour le passage des câbles frigorifiques. Une fois que vous apercevrez que le trou commence à atteindre l’autre côté du mur, continuez de percer en partant de l’extérieur. Enfin, il vous reste à mettre en place votre climatiseur sur la patte de fixation et à insérer le tuyau frigorifique.

Q2 : Où installer son climatiseur mural ?

Les climatiseurs muraux ne doivent pas être installés n’importe où dans votre demeure, mais sur des emplacements stratégiques. Assurez-vous de ne pas installer votre appareil aux alentours d’une source de chaleur, comme une baie vitrée. En effet, elle risque de réchauffer à nouveau l’air nouvellement rafraîchi. De plus, évitez de positionner un climatiseur en face d’un lit ou d’un canapé, car il n’est pas agréable de recevoir un souffle d’air en plein visage. Même si vous cherchez comment camoufler un climatiseur mural, l’emplacement le plus adéquat pour ce genre d’appareil est à 2 mètres de hauteur. Ainsi, la diffusion de l’air froid ou chaud pourra remplir la totalité de la pièce à rafraîchir.

Q3 : Comment démonter un climatiseur mural ?

Pour désinstaller votre unité, quelques étapes importantes doivent être respectées pour garantir une manipulation en toute sécurité. Dans un premier temps, il vous faut enlever le tuyau frigorifique de votre appareil de son emplacement. Faites de même pour votre climatiseur mural en étant très vigilant à la manipulation, surtout en cas de disposition en hauteur. Ensuite, à l’aide d’un tournevis, vous devrez dévisser les vis qui ont servi à installer la patte de fixation. Toutefois, lors du démontage, le plus judicieux serait de faire appel à une seconde main pour éviter la survenue d’un incident.

Q4 : Comment nettoyer un climatiseur mural ?

Il est important d’entretenir votre appareil pour assurer sa performance optimale sur le long terme. Pour ce faire, vous devrez avant tout mettre hors tension l’appareil, soit en le débranchant, soit en coupant l’alimentation au boîtier selon le modèle. Dès lors, nettoyez vos filtres s’ils peuvent être réutilisés et rincez-les ensuite à l’eau tiède. Cette technique dépend en grande partie du niveau d’exposition de l’appareil à des poussières et du manuel d’emploi. Au cas où de la moisissure s’est réfugiée dans l’appareil, un lavage en profondeur est requis en faisant appel idéalement à un spécialiste.

Q5 : Comment fonctionne un climatiseur mural ?

Bien que les climatiseurs muraux se conçoivent de différentes manières, leurs fonctionnements restent tout de même unanimes. Pour rafraîchir une pièce, le dispositif prélève l’excès de chaleur et le renvoie de suite à l’extérieur. Ce procédé est concevable grâce au fluide complexe aux propriétés bien distinctes, et à un liquide frigorifique contenu dans l’appareil. Tous les composants du climatiseur œuvrent ensemble pour éliminer une grande partie de la chaleur dans votre demeure, à savoir un échangeur évaporateur, un compresseur, un détendeur et un échangeur condenseur.

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How to Make the Shallow Home Foundations

Invisible but… fundamental, the foundations support the weight of your house and ensure its adaptation to the terrain. But beware: they must be carried out in the rules of the art to ensure the sustainability of the work.

Foundations are fundamental! And for good reason: they ensure the solidity of the house. They guarantee the stability of the construction over time by distributing the loads in a coherent manner. Poorly designed and poorly made, they can generate damage (cracks for example), the most serious of which can make the house uninhabitable. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid these problems, which are rare in construction. From the field visit to the different types of foundations, including the soil study and the guarantees that are due to you, we give you the main keys to building on solid foundations.

1- Foundations: where to start?

Foundations: the 10 key points sills are

Your objective: to obtain the maximum of information at the research stage. Certain indices can indeed inform you about the nature of the ground, which conditions the type of foundations therefore the price of the house. Cracked walls or tilted trees, for example, may indicate that the plot is unstable. A survey of neighbors or the town hall can give you information.

The opinion of the pros of the house. You can also consult the manufacturers. “They know their area of ​​activity and can usefully inform individuals,” says Jean-Michel Bournerias, who runs Terre et Demeure, in Ile-de-France. Another track: the site. Thanks to its interactive tools, you will know if your electoral district is exposed to geological risks. Other information concerning the land is available on the websites and

© Yvelines tradition

2- Field: what are the risks?

If your soil is clay, it is exposed to the risk of shrinking during periods of drought and swelling in the event of heavy rain. This can destabilize the foundations and cause the walls to crack. Some soils have low resistance; this is particularly the case if they are backfilled. You will also have to take the slope into account, knowing that the more steep it is, the more expensive the adaptation work will be. Also pay attention to natural cavities (limestone soils for example) or artificial ones (underground galleries). In seismic zones, specific building rules must be followed to reinforce the foundations.

3- Foundations: how to identify risks?

You can have a preliminary geotechnical study called G1 carried out. It determines the characteristics of the site, identifies possible problems and makes it possible to draw up a first draft of the foundations. For more precise data, it is better to carry out a soil study called G2 Mission Avant-Projet (G2 AVP, standard NF 94-500). “Carried out at the preliminary project stage, it studies the possible construction and adaptation principles of the project on the ground and provides the dimensional outline of a typical profile for each geotechnical structure”, indicates the office of Fondasol studies.

A precise study. At the project stage, a G2 PRO soil study may be carried out. “It provides an updated summary of the site, the execution methods for geotechnical structures and the associated threshold values, as well as the optimized design calculation notes for all geotechnical structures and for all construction phases. It allows an approach of the quantities / deadlines / costs of execution of these works. If necessary, additional investigations are carried out, ”specifies Fondasol.

© Verbeke

4- Soil study: how to proceed?

Once owner of the plot (or with the written agreement of the seller if you have not yet signed), you will call on a geotechnician. He will carry out core drilling where the house will be located, which allows him to know precisely the nature of the soil. You will communicate this soil study to the builder. The latter will then have a concrete study carried out by a specialized design office. And the type of foundations to use? so the cost of this work ?? can be fixed. Count three to four weeks of delay and a price of 1,000 to 2,500 ?? depending on the slope of the land, the area of ​​the house, the proximity of the road.

© Fondasol

5- Is the soil study compulsory?

Yes, but only in clay areas subject to swelling shrinkage phenomena. On these sites, the seller of a piece of land must provide a soil study to his buyer. This measure which reinforces the security of buyers is taken within the framework of the Elan law of November 2018. Please note, however: its implementing decrees have not yet been published. They must be published before the end of 2019.

Soil study: why do it. At the time of writing, it must be recognized that the soil study is not compulsory. But it remains highly recommended. With it, the risks concerning the solidity and the durability of the structural work are particularly reduced. Also, don’t forget that in the event of a claim, the insurer will ask you for the soil study. Another advantage: if you do it, you will get a discount on your damage insurance. Mandatory, the latter facilitates the implementation of the ten-year guarantee (see at the end of this article).

6- What type of foundations?

If your land does not present any problems, the house will rest on shallow foundations (80 cm in general) on continuous footings. Trenches are dug, depending on the shape of the house. Reinforced concrete is poured onto it, on which concrete blocks will be placed. It is also possible to install a raft. This concrete slab, to be used on a lower quality floor but without major problems, distributes the loads evenly. Once these works are ready, the low floor is laid.

© Armature Valoise-Standarm

7- What if the terrain is difficult?

If the “good soil”, the one that will support the weight of the house, is located below an unstable layer (backfill), foundations on wells will be used. We dig holes 80 cm in diameter and 2 to 4 meters deep to reach the solid layer. It takes nine for a house of a hundred square meters. A metal structure (reinforcement) is introduced there and then, concrete is poured. Reinforced concrete beams, stringers, connect the wells. It is on these that the interjoists supporting the insulation will be installed, all covered with a self-compacting concrete slab.

Lift of the ground. Please note: Some plots, with loose soil, offer practically no lift. In this case, micropiles are used. It involves drilling holes 6 to 30 m deep depending on the case. They are filled with concrete and contain, in their top part, a steel reinforcement. This is where the sills are placed (concrete beams) intended to receive interjoists, insulating boxes, waterproofing membranes and other self-compacting concrete slabs.

© KP1

8- Termite humidity, frost: what to do?

Some basements are damp. To protect the house from infiltration, the builder will take care to install a casing. If the premises are habitable (playroom, home cinema for example), an industrial membrane will be used ensuring the waterproofing of the foundations. For cellars and garages, a mortar and waterproof coating will be necessary. If the land is in a termite area, it will be subject to special treatment to eliminate these wood-eating insects.

Guard against frost. A soil is said to be frost-hard when the water it contains, rising by capillarity, freezes in winter. If your foundations rest on such a soil, the water, freezing, will increase in volume. With a risk of cracks in the key. This drawback is overcome by the frost guard. This term designates the depth level of the foundations from which they cannot be subjected to freezing and thawing. The frost guard varies from one region to another. In the plain, there is a minimum of 50 cm depending on temperate climate and up to 1 m in severe frost (mountains). The construction of the foundations is specified in the Unified Technical Documents 13.12 and 13.3 of the Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB).

© KP1

9- Is there a crawl space?

If the ground is solid, well drained and coherent from its surface, the house can rest on a paving on the median. It is a simple slab that covers the earth. But this technique is much less effective than the crawlspace. How it works ? “It is the raising of the ground floor floor,” says one at Maisons Pierre. From the foundations, a wall of three or four rows of concrete blocks is laid. The struts connected by chaining are placed there. Between the sleepers, the insulating interjoists are installed.

The advantages of the crawlspace. “This work leaves a volume of air between the land and the construction,” says Pierre. It effectively combats humidity in the house and acts on soil compaction. This will prevent cracking of tiles and partitions. »Other advantages of the crawlspace: it adapts to all terrain configurations, it allows pipes to pass easily. In short, it only has advantages. It is not for nothing that 80% of the houses built in 2018 use this solution according to an EDF study of 80,000 new houses.

10- Foundations: what guarantees?

If you use a professional working under the construction contract? 1990 law, you benefit from a very protective framework. If, after signing the contract, it turns out that special foundations are necessary, the additional costs are borne by the manufacturer. You will sign an amendment to the contract to specify the technical changes, but no additional amount may be required. With other legal frameworks (architect, project management, business or self-construction contract, it is the individual who bears the additional costs.

Ten-year warranty and damage insurance. Once the work is finished, the foundations are covered by the ten-year guarantee. To facilitate its implementation, you must necessarily take out damage-to-work insurance (article L 242-1 of the Insurance Code and L 111-30 of the Construction Code). When a disaster occurs, the insurer compensates you and then turns against those responsible. Individuals who do not take damage-work will have to prove the responsibility for the culprits. Which is as long as it is complicated. Even impossible if the offending company has closed shop. And then, not taking this insurance can completely block the project. Please note: the loan is very likely to be refused if the individual building the building does not take out the damage.

The price of foundations. Difficult to precisely quantify the foundations, each project falling on a case by case basis. Note, however, that special foundations can add to the house budget. The bill, in this case, can reach 15 or 20,000 ?? more than the original budget. To avoid this pitfall, it is better to carry out a soil study and sign a Construction-law contract of 1990, a legal framework which secures your project on the technical and budgetary plans (see elsewhere).

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Facts About the Cabinet Locks

From significant things, for example, archives, adornments or cash to your ordinary typical family things, all can be housed appropriately in allocated spaces by having cupboards in your home. Cupboards are basic for the appropriate association and keeping things in their assigned spots. When it comes finding out the best child proof cabinet locks, make sure you will first do the research like the one you can do online to gather information related.

Frequently, a bolt or a locking framework is basic to anchor things for changed reasons. Bureau locks are quite modest and give protection to various articles. There are distinctive sorts of bureau locks accessible, taking into account meet a wide range of individual decisions. You have sliding entryway locks, file organizer locks, stick tumbler, and cabinet locks, jolt locks, keyway bureau locks, and feature locks. Truth be told you likewise have bureau bolts that are carefully designed and even kid confirmation. An extensive variety of bureau locks are accessible through various sources, for example, your neighborhood handyman store or in online inventories. You can peruse the net for a wide choice of the different sorts of bureau bolts and find out about particular points of interest before your purchase.

It is imperative to know how to utilize bureau locks to legitimately anchor your substance inside. Aside from protection, another fundamental thought is to shield babies and youthful youngsters from opening them. Other than the way that they may lay their hands on things that you don’t need them to contact, there is dependably the dread that they may squish their minor fingers. So it is in every case best to keep cupboards bolted safely for the best in childproofing.

You may have seen that bureau locks for sliding glass entryways have fastened bars and customizable clips. These are ideal for utilize when the entryways are thick. They are appropriate for showcase cases with glass entryways. At that point, you have plate tumbler bolts that can be surface-mounted onto cupboard entryways or drawers. You likewise have stick tumbler metal cabinet bolts that are incredible for cupboards with metal or focus drawers. Moreover, anchoring cupboards, for the most part, includes an inside lock that gets screwed into the bureau.

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Say Goodbye to a Family Home

My parents wanted to buy a country house 16 years ago. Weird idea we said to ourselves with my brother, for them who had made us leave the Normandy countryside 10 years earlier to move to Lyon. And then each of us got married and had kids. And this country house has naturally become what is customary to call a family home. This house where we meet during the holidays, or we celebrate birthdays, end-of-year celebrations, because very quickly, it’s the only place big enough for all of us to get together.

This family home, it has experienced events in 16 years. The birth of my nephew and then his first steps. My marriage to Papa Genial, and the year after the birth of my niece and num1, then their first steps. Num2 and num3 obviously, their first steps there again. The more or less acrobatic falls of all this little world naturally: opening of a chin – and visits to the emergency departments of Pont de Beauvoisin, who have only the name of the emergency despite the obvious sympathy of the medical staff – falls of balance bike, then cycling, falling trees, in short, the whole range of possibilities. It was the base camp for our ski holidays, the meeting point for weekends with friends, the nerve center for family celebrations.

And then the death of my mother changed the situation, my father no longer wishing to spend part of the year alone in this house. The idea of ​​selling it was then imposed, to reduce costs and souvenirs. At the time, we said to ourselves that yes, obviously, that was the best solution. That we would end up somewhere else, that we could do the pending work at home and that it would still be nice (yeah, clearly, rooms and stairs, it would be nice).

Time passed, the house was still there. A first Christmas, a second, two summers fled with the children who continued to run in the garden. We thought we should take advantage of it, that it was the last time … while admitting that it was still nice to have this house.

And then on January 5, we had an offer. A couple of future retirees fell in love with the house, they have 5 children, grandchildren to come, they wanted a place to be able to bring all these little people together. We jumped for joy, opened the champagne, celebrated our future rooms and stairs. We set up a schedule to make the boxes, we chose the furniture we wanted to keep, the ones we had to take to Emmaüs, to the recycling center, we planned the moving weekends as we go to war.

We returned from skiing, the first wave was planned for this beginning of the week. We emptied the library and num1 said: “it’s still weird the library naked”. Yes my chick, it’s weird you’re right. But we also laughed when we came across old photos like my dresses (I KNOW that the real expression is old like Herodes), we went back into our memories, we inked our children in their history by showing them the photos wedding of their great grandparents and by finding old letters dating from the beginning of the century (and prom notebooks As Gone with the Wind, chic to die for). We also realized that everyone keeps their own memories: my mother had kept hundreds of photos and papers of my grandmother, which unfortunately are no longer of great interest to us and which we chose to throw away, after sorting anyway. (I also cried a little on my young girl line, but hey, Papa Génial remains convinced that I will find her by searching well, I no longer try to disabuse her).

Say goodbye to a family home the champagne, celebrated our future

Well, we are not going to hide it, we have again realized that we pile up far beyond reasonable in a house. There will be many laps at the recycling center and we are far from finished. Surprises are still to be expected and other memories will resurface, to the delight of children (who would like to keep everything you think. If we listened to them we would just empty on one side to fill on the other ).

In the meantime, we take advantage of every moment, as if we did not have time before, in the ignorance that we were one day having to give it up. Anyway, num4 will not take its first steps in this family home, it is a pity, the circle would have been completed.

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More Reasons for Choosing Carpet Washing Services

Carpet cleaning: Experts cleaning at 30 years

Nettoyage Experts is more than 100 carpet cleanings carried out every week throughout the province. In 2019, we are elected “ Consumer Choice ” for the fourth consecutive year. In addition, know that our carpet cleaning experts take pride in giving you the best possible performance and an unequaled result. Also, for a limited time, we have exceptional promotions. Call us and ask for a free estimate for your carpet wash.

– Currently, we are paying the taxes on your residential carpet cleaning bill

-We also have an exceptional promotion of 50% for the cleaning of commercial carpets over 2500 square feet

-In addition, our work is guaranteed

Consumer Choice 2019

We offer residential and commercial cleaning services in all major cities in the province. All the technicians who are at Nettoyage Experts are handpicked. In addition, their daily objective is to offer you impeccable cleaning services! This is partly why our work is renowned.

Carpet cleaning at a better price

Of course, the quality of our cleaning is recognized. In addition, we have a special offer for you: entrust us with your carpet washing or sofa cleaning and we will pay the taxes for you. Indeed for a limited time Cleaning Experts assumes for you the taxes of your invoice. Even better for those who have a large area of ​​carpet to be cleaned, we offer a 50% reduction on commercial carpet cleaning and if you have it cleaned every year, we will maintain this price at least 3 years. Our 50% discount is also applicable for the cleaning of office chairs.

So call us without hesitation and ask for your free no-obligation estimate to take advantage of these exceptional offers. Our receptionists await your call: 514 992-7775, 450 970-3363, 418 210-0156. From anywhere in Quebec you can also reach us toll free at 1 866-544-3333

Our specialties

To give you an idea, a good portion of our staff is made up of our carpet cleaning and washing experts who are around ten serving you every day in high season. However, we also have other experts who specialize in other types of cleaning, such as cleaning ventilation ducts. To find out more, visit our home page where our cleaning services are described.



Our services include the cleaning of decorative rugs, also called rugs.

Carpet cleaning is done at home or in our specialized workshops. Workshop cleaning is ideal for washing double-sided carpets, disinfecting carpets, and removing stubborn stains and odors.

Cleaning carpets at home

The benefits of washing rugs and carpets at home are many and we talk about them throughout this page. The factory truck is like a rolling workshop that moves in front of your home. So you can take advantage of your carpet cleaning at home to also benefit from our on-site carpet cleaning service, which has become a super popular solution.

Commercial carpet cleaning

It is obvious that commercial carpet cleaning is on the menu of our services; it is even the cornerstone of the business. Equipped with factory trucks, our employees and all of our banner partners, such as Carpet Cleaning Montreal with which we have been merged for almost 5 years, carry out carpet cleaning using best practices on the market. We work with several trucks at the same time when it is necessary for large-scale work done in less time.

Our experts work according to the methodology most recommended by the major carpet manufacturers in North America and they will use only cutting edge and above all biodegradable products.

Nettoyage Experts, is a leader in carpet cleaning in Quebec

We only have the best professional carpet cleaners and the best equipment to do any carpet cleaning!

In addition, the best contractors specialized in carpet cleaning in Quebec collaborate with us to offer you the best service in several regions.

For example, we don’t hesitate to use special carpet cleaning instruments. One of the dirtiest places is the stair mats. Also, by using an instrument specially designed for this, we achieve much better results.

The Importance of Carpet Care

The Canadian Carpet Institute highlights the importance of caring for your carpets. It is rightly explained that the carpets are made to capture a lot of dirt. This is an advantage if you vacuum often and if you have the carpets washed regularly by an expert who does it well. Indeed, a clean and maintained carpet captures the dust that ends up in the vacuum cleaner and acts as a giant filter for the air in your space. On the contrary, a dirty carpet will release allergens and bacteria will proliferate in mass. Choosing a good professional carpet cleaner and having good carpet vacuums is important. Rigorous maintenance and washing of carpets at least once a year is also important.


Carpet cleaning of our

Indeed, our know-how as well as our knowledge constantly updated. In addition, our understanding of cleaning chemistry allows us to provide our customers with unmatched results at an affordable price.

In addition, our carpet washing products are effective, non-toxic and many are also certified 100% biodegradable. So, for impeccable rugs, entrust them to a local company whose reputation is well established. Call Cleaning Experts

Finally, do like thousands of satisfied customers, take advantage of the service and advantageous rates of Nettoyage Experts. For washing and cleaning commercial or residential carpets by calling us now for a free estimate!


It must be said that Nettoyage Experts is appreciated for its very professional carpet cleaning service. Clients such as the governments of Quebec, the city of Montreal, unions, school boards and other public and parapublic organizations are among our most loyal business partners and we thank them for choosing us.

In addition, we count on a number of clients who have businesses, small, medium and large. Thus our clients work in various fields such as, professional studies, hospitality, medical clinics, and more.

Also, our work schedules, our various equipment and our products allow us to accommodate all customers. Dedicated, we are always there to help out a client who has an emergency. For us, that is also what it means to be the best.

We offer non-toxic carpet cleaning and a range of practical benefits:

Commercial and residential carpet cleaning with steam / very hot water extraction.

Non-toxic products that eliminate stains, odors and allergies.

Great schedule flexibility


Carpet washing and carpet cleaning in the workshop.

We eliminate small animal damage

The stains and bad smells often due to animals, humidity or cigarettes do not resist our carpet cleaning service. Why not take the opportunity to do a couch cleaning.

Our disinfectant products and our powerful steam extraction equipment ensure a magnificent finish and total hygiene of your carpets as well as a significant improvement in the air quality of your home.

Here’s a tip, if you have a long pile carpet, you may want to maintain it more often. Check out one of our articles for some great tips for cleaning a long pile carpet. Yes indeed, Nettoyage Experts publishes lots of tips to help you clean up minor or other damage on your carpets without having to pay. This may seem surprising since we are a for-profit cleaning company, however to give us that is normal. We are more than a company, we are cleaning experts. Also our primary mission is to resolve problems inherent in carpet cleaning when it is useful to the customer. If we can help you save money, know that we will do it without hesitation. WE ARE THERE TO ADVISE THE BEST SOLUTION IN ANY SITUATION FOR CARPET CLEANING.

Proper carpet cleaning also removes harmful chemical particles from the dust

Unfortunately it is a recognized fact, the dust in our residences would be particularly harmful to health, according to a recent study by Health Canada published on their website. You will also find this observation in dozens of studies in English from the governments of a large number of countries if you browse on Google.

According to the Canadian Asthma Society, cleaning high-temperature carpets, couches and mattresses is necessary to eliminate mites. Cleaning of ventilation ducts is another of our services that should be considered when talking about indoor air quality.



1-Commercial or residential carpet cleaning begins with stain removal

The team inspects the carpets and quickly eliminates specific problems such as coffee stains, photocopier ink, gum or other frequent damage in the commercial sector

2-Pretreatment of high circulation commercial carpet cleaning

The cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpets. We call this cleaning solution pretreatment because it is applied before cleaning to treat dirt.

3-The cleaning finished, we apply a natural disinfectant which deodorizes the whole surface.

For more information on professional carpet care and cleaning, see the FAQ section.


Whatever the situation, Nettoyage Experts can meet your needs for commercial and residential carpet washing.

We offer a flexible schedule and are available during the day, evening or weekends to do your commercial carpet cleaning. To ensure greater efficiency, several teams can be deployed to carry out major cleaning work.

In addition to the factory trucks we have practical transportable cleaning units for service during the winter season and in tall buildings.

The power of our equipment ensures very effective cleaning and a short drying time of the carpets. Call us, we have the solution to your carpet washing project!

Carpet washing video

We cordially invite you to watch our carpet cleaning videos, presented below.

The first video gives you the demonstration of a cleaning of residential carpet carried out by extraction. This technique may even be able to refurbish your blackened stair rugs.

The second video shows you the maximum power of high pressure steam cleaning for dirty commercial carpets. Good viewing!

All about carpet cleaning

For the curious or the reading enthusiast you will find on our site as well as on our affiliated sites tips, discussions, information on the history of carpet cleaning and more. Our Faq section at the bottom of this page will answer many of your questions.

Request your quote for low-priced net carpets: currently, washing 2 pieces of residential carpet with our factory trucks for as little as $ 69.

Currently, there are several promotions in progress without compromising on the quality of our services. Our receptionists receive your requests 7 days a week and in the evening from Monday to Thursday. Contact us also anytime using our online request form.

Cleaning Experts gives you more for less. Request your free estimate now and save taxes.



First, you should know that for carpets covering the entire floor, which are attached to it, the method recommended by the largest carpet manufacturers in North America is the washing of carpets by steam extraction.

Also, this is the method we use and is the most commonly used on the market. A cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpets before extraction. So the product acts on dirt several minutes before cleaning for best results.


Dry cleaning of carpets is a solution for special cases, for example silk carpets or pen stains. Dry cleaning gives carpets a nice appearance. However, no other method cleans as deeply as cleaning with steam or very hot water.

The biggest advantage of dry cleaning is that it cleans materials that do not withstand cleaning with water or steam. It also provides dry rugs in just a few minutes after cleaning.


Finally, there are specific methods for cleaning wool rugs, in the workshop or on site.

On-site cleaning is carried out as for other carpets, but using special products for wool, and lukewarm or cold water rather than steam.

The fringes are cleaned by hand. Workshop cleaning can be done similarly or by submerging the carpet in a solution tank. It all depends on the workshops, some are better equipped than others.


If your carpet has stubborn stains or an odor that is difficult to remove, we will have to bring it to the workshop because the cleaning process may take several hours or even days. The factors that determine the quality of a carpet cleaning are:

The know-how of the person carrying out the work

The quality of the cleaning products used

The action time of the products on the carpet or stains

The suction power of the equipment used


Your carpets will dry between 2 and 8 hours. The drying time varies according to the cleaning method, the ambient conditions, such as the humidity level and the ventilation of the premises. The type of carpet and the condition of the carpet may also affect the drying time.


We use dry cleaning for silk carpets, linen furniture as well as to remove certain stains, such as eraser or pen. So after cleaning a brand of pen with a solvent, we clean the carpet with steam.


We offer both options. Talk to one of our experts to make the right decision for your carpets.


It is not necessary, you can pick up the personal effects that are on the floor and in the wardrobes, if necessary. You don’t have to vacuum or move the furniture, because we do it during cleaning.


Yes, wardrobe cleaning is always included. The furniture is advanced and replaced after cleaning the carpets below. If the legs of a piece of furniture are made of metal or wood, we install temporary plastic pads to protect the carpet during the drying time. When we finish everything is in its place.


Expect the majority of stains to leave: eraser, pencil, coffee, wine, animal damage, paint, oil, food, dark circles … If you have particular stains, you should mention this when taking appointment for your cleaning. All the same, it happens that certain spots are indelible.



Good news, we have effective products to eliminate odors from urine, nicotine, humidity or mold. It works very well.


In general, a cleaning can last from one year to three years, depending on your lifestyle, the number of people circulating on the carpets, etc.


It’s simple, there is no particular time to wash the carpets, whether in summer or winter! It is important to do this every year.


This question comes up often: it happens when the work is not done in the right way and with the wrong products or equipment that does not have the necessary power. However, when the job is done well, the carpets stay clean for a long time. Professional cleaning is advantageous. It is understood that the carpets are a fibrous ground cover made of textile. There are advantages to using the carpet for example, the reduction of noise and physical and mental fatigue. In return for the benefits of carpets, you have to agree to invest a little for quality maintenance. There are disadvantages and costs of not doing it. Remember that a poorly done carpet cleaning is worse than no cleaning at all.

Of course, as with any floor covering, carpets stay beautiful longer if you take care of them. Annual carpet cleaning is good practice to keep them in good condition. The application of a protector is also highly recommended.


Indeed, you can get an appointment in the evenings and on weekends. Commercial contracts often take place in the evening, or on Saturday & Sunday.


No, we have long proven cleaning products that are not toxic or harmful to health except if swallowed, of course. It’s common sense as with other household products you have at home.


For several years, we have had a range of very effective ecological products that we almost always use. Cleaning carpets at a very high temperature as we do it uses heat and a minimum of cleaning products.


In general, you can get an appointment the same week sometimes the same day if you have an emergency.


In order to plan your schedule, be aware that we work as a team for better efficiency, most residential contracts are made in one or two hours.

Commercial contracts are made at around 1,000 square feet per hour per team. When making an appointment, we will tell you how long it will take to finish the job.


Proper cleaning done according to certain rules will eliminate what causes allergies in your home. You will need to clean not only the carpets, but also the entire interior of your home. In addition, you should think about cleaning the couches, mattresses, curtains, ventilation ducts.


Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The protective treatment has the following properties: preventing liquid damage from penetrating the fibers, repelling dirt and increasing the efficiency during the next cleaning.

Keep in mind that protective treatment is always recommended on light carpets, especially in places where food or drink is consumed. Treatment is highly recommended on woolen carpets.

Finally, the stain treatment used in commercial spaces will facilitate the next cleaning and help preserve carpets that are already designed to resist stains.


It is a product sprayed on the carpet at the end of cleaning which ensures better hygiene. Most companies include this treatment for free.


We use factory trucks and portable industrial power equipment depending on the work to be done.

Take advantage of the best carpet cleaning at the best price by calling 1 866-544-3333

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