When a customer enters the dealer, immediately approach them with confidence, good and warm. This first impression is very important so customers can feel you have an authentic attitude towards them. Meet customers with friendly, patient and ready to help them to find the car they are looking for. On the other hand, you may also need to see the the service that you can use to compare car warranties – new and used cars.

Initial approach: Start walking to customers and greet them by holding a close handshake with a smile and ask questions about the type of car they are looking for.

After handshake approach: You can shake hands firmly while immediately offering.

Build Light Conversations

Even though this is sometimes disliked by customers who happen to just want to see a car at your dealer, you will still start a light conversation with a number of customers, helping to build relationships and make them more comfortable while trusting you as a car seller.

One of the major effects of building customer trust is being able to show them if you are not just interested in selling cars to them but also to build relationships with customers.
Also ask them about work, family, interests and so on while finding similarities with them so that trust can be built through these connections.

Show Positive Body Language

When you are talking to a customer, then build eye contact with them so that you know if you are really interested in what the customer says. Use friendly and friendly body language so that customers can feel more comfortable.

Be someone who is authentic: Don’t just show a happy face when selling a car, but you need to show care and sympathy for the customers.

It’s because the customers might also know whether you don’t like the part of the job that needs interaction with customers or even you look like you are forced to say hello and immediately show them the car. The thing you have to do is be patient and do not force any decision on the customer.