Counseling guidance for those who are facing a diagnosis of a disease is really needed. So, it is
Rob Cole M.D. will greatly help you in facing the difficult times that you will live when you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease. Because your mind must always be healthy to deal with it.


Diagnosis of chronic diseases may make us reflect on the meaning of life. This is the right time to reflect on what and who you really value in your life.
Take the time to do activities that make you happy and satisfied. This activity does not need to be ambitious; some people enjoy playing the piano, listening to music, or painting. Others can be entertained by praying, reading spiritual books, or writing autobiographies. Let yourself develop new openness with loved ones – share your thoughts and feelings with them, and invite them to do the same. Open dialogue can reduce anxiety and fear of cancer. If necessary, you can consult with a counselor or therapist to facilitate this dialogue.