The color of the house wall paint must be made according to your wishes and character as the owner of the house. Because the color of the house paint will make you feel comfortable or even uncomfortable being there. In addition, the painting process must also be considered. Visit to get the right painting service.

For those of you who have a house that is not large, then you have to choose a paint that is really suitable. especially for your living room. There are several colors of paint that can make your living room look big and comfortable.

1. white
This is the most common color and is widely used to paint the living room, the room and the entire wall of the house. The white is always synonymous with a clean impression.

2. Olive
Captivated olive is an earthy green color with a slight tinge of brownish tone like avocado juice mixed with mocha syrup. Living room paint with this color will be very harmonious when combined with sofa furniture and wooden tables.