Classical music for pregnant women is very important because various studies have proven the benefits that are included in it. Maybe you are surprised, what are the benefits of listening to classical music? There are two benefits that pregnant women will get when they routinely listen to classical music, namely for themselves and the fetus. You can buy ballerina music boxes to help you listen to classical music anywhere.


The benefits of classical music for pregnant women themselves are to provide a relaxing effect when pregnancy hormones begin to change, which changes often cause anxiety, excessive fatigue, depression, even stress. This uncomfortable feeling can be overcome easily, the way is to regularly listen to classical music. Classical music is believed to be able to make pregnant women become more calm and comfortable. This has been proven in a study conducted at the College of Nursing at Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan. In a study involving 236 pregnant women in the second and third trimesters, it was proven that many benefits obtained by pregnant women from listening to music.

– Helps babies learn early
Classical music itself is indeed an important matter for the development of the mother and fetus. For babies, the benefit of listening to classical music first is that it can help babies to learn early. Research conducted by doctors says that the rhythms and tones that are heard regularly before a child is born into the world will make the baby learn on the principle of perception and learn about basic reasoning such as comparison, repetition, and turnover. When the unborn fetus is an effective time to stimulate directly into the womb. Then after birth, the baby will be able to listen to the sound pattern through the senses it has.

– Help learn to enjoy songs and melodies
Then when listening to classical music for babies can help the baby to learn to enjoy the song and also the melody. While still in the womb, babies will be taught to learn to listen to the melody of the mother’s heartbeat. Unborn babies into the world will be able to sleep continuously without having to be disturbed even though their brains can hear and catch repeated sounds.