If glimpsed from Merriam Webster’s dictionary, Hipster is defined as someone who likes or is interested in unusual new things. The Hipsters call it anti-mainstream. In the 1940s, the term Hipster was used to describe jazz fans interested in fashion, people, who like to hang out and be relaxed. Unlike Hippies, Hipster is more dynamic in evolving. The author Matt Granfield explains the definition of Hipster in the HipsterMattic book. According to Matt, Hipster in 2010, were those who used fixed gear bikes, like to knit and become vegans. In the meantime, if you’re interested in Hippies instead of Hipsters, and you would like to find a hippie boy/girlfriend, just check out this hippie dating website.


The question of the appearance of the Hipsters does not have a standard reference for style, but usually, they are easily characterized. Their style is based on the quirky and unique appearance and lifestyle. Usually, a Hipster will be followed by a person who is fun. People of this type always wear anti-mainstream items.

If popular pop songs are being listened to, Hipster will prefer indie songs with more quality lyrics. Hipster will still appear with his messy bun hairstyle. Some Hipsters are now appearing with mustaches and beards in a way that is certainly unique.


Hipsters are always in the front for music, fashion, art, critical thinking, imagination and creativity. Hipsters are also people who have an open mind for different ideas. Hipsters also like to add knowledge in things that are not populist and minor.

They also usually have reading books that are different from other young people, for example, they are books by Edgar Allan Poe and J.D Salinger.

Yes, that’s more or less the difference between Hippies and Hipsters. Although now both are becoming a trend, but unfortunately only limited to fashion and lifestyle commodities. For matters of thought and others, few understand it and follow it. Then you who imitate them are only limited to wanting to look cool?