If you still have the doubt to benefit from http://spotlesscarpet.info/ when it comes to

cleaning the carpet, here is what you can try out. The activity of washing carpets

is indeed difficult. Difficult because if there is an error in washing can cause the

carpet to smell musty, but it sounds easy because the way to wash the carpet is more

or less the same as washing ordinary clothes. After all the preparation before

washing the carpet is ready, you can follow the steps below to manually wash the


– Expand the carpet on the floor and clean the dust

on the carpet using a vacuum cleaner or broom

– Expand the carpet on the clothesline, then hit the

carpet using a stick to clean the stubborn dust tucked inside the carpet

– Wet the surface and the back of the carpet using

running water while being gently brushed

– Flush the detergent on the carpet while being

brushed gently again

– Rinse detergent foam using running water and do it

several times until the detergent foam disappears.

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