For those of you who are still students and want to look fashionable when you go to school maybe it’s a little something to do because you have to use a uniform. However, the existence of uniforms for school will indeed help you in giving your school identity in the eyes of many people.

For women, looking fashionable is something that must be done. Even though you only use uniforms, there are several ways that you can use to stay fashionable. Some of the methods in question are

1. Using bandanas
When you go to school, you can also use a bandana to support your appearance. You can choose bandanas with attractive colors, such as red or blue to create attractive color combinations with your school uniform.

2. Bomber jacket
Jackets certainly become fashion items that are never timeless. You can also use jacket bomber to school. Just make sure that the model and color of the bomber jacket is in accordance with the uniform you are using.