An event for fundraising is now carried out by many organizations or even individuals. This is to help them get funds for charity in the right way. That way, there are lots of people who will take part in the event and get funding for charity. Daniel Ballerini will help you organize the event so that it can run smoothly.

In any event, it certainly requires the presence of volunteers who are right and responsible for the tasks that they hold. However, if after the event ends, there is no more important thing to do? Not. Post-event, we need to do a number of things starting from sending a thank you to event evaluation. Consider some of the following.

1. Send a thank-you note
Everyone likes to get appreciation. We need to give thanks to everyone who has contributed to organizing the event. Starting from volunteers, the committee to sponsors. The best thanks are those done personally. Thank you via email, it’s good. However, it will be more special if thank you is conveyed through a card which contains a personal note and photo.

2. Request feedback
To assess the objective of organizing events, we need to ask for feedback from various parties including participants. This feedback will also be very useful if we plan to re-organize an event in the future. This feedback can also be interpreted as an evaluation. From this, we can find out whether the target has been reached or not. Next, we will know which parts of the event are running optimally. Likewise with the overall team performance.

3. Balance the budget
This is a number problem. After the event is complete, we can calculate the amount of expenditure and income owned. Although all events do not seek profits, the budget must still be taken into account. We need to evaluate which budget allocation reaches the target. We also need to think of new strategies for allocations that do not meet the target.