Every year, business competition is always increasing. Especially on the internet. In addition to the company being demanded on how to provide good and high-quality products, the company is also required to provide excellent services. To support good sales, a company must have a good customer service. Well, how to be a good customer service and like by customers? On the other hand, don’t forget to check out the numbers 1 300 for your business.

Consider the following tips:

1. Can communicate well

Everywhere, a customer service must be able to communicate well. The language issued must also be friendly, polite, and clear. So that we can inform information or solutions and customer complaints properly and correctly.

2. Quasi products

It’s not funny if we are good at communicating but we don’t control the products we sell. Because this later can cause customers to doubt the quality of the goods we market.

3. Quick response

Customers always want fast service. both in providing information or solving a problem. It’s because, for them, time is money maybe huh?

Whereas we know, not only he needs fast handling. If our response is long, it will certainly give a minus value. For that, so that customers feel comfortable, at least we have to respond at least a little. can you please wait a moment, sir/ma’am, etc.

4. Able to convince customers

The ability to convince customers must be owned by every customer service. Of course the convincing method must be accompanied by various arguments that can be accepted by common sense. In addition, a good customer service must also be able to serve customers until they feel happy and satisfied because their needs have been fulfilled.

5. Give a promise that can be realized

Ever been angry if someone broke a promise to you? Especially customers. In essence, everyone will surely be angry if the promise of services provided is not in accordance with reality, or even never fulfilled. Do not give promises that are not possible if only make the company’s image better. Be realistic and refer to reality. For example, if a bank takes 3-4 days in cash disbursement, don’t say to consumers that it can be done in just a matter of hours.