Weather differences between the countries of origin and Saudi Arabia are significant, often a problem for pilgrims from each country. For comparison, the air temperature in Mecca and Medina can reach 40 degrees Celsius. Especially for countries that only have two climates with lower temperatures. This causes pilgrims from these countries to have departed from their countries need to pay attention to several matters related to health and fitness. Especially, to anticipate not getting dehydrated and exhausted. The hajj packages may help during Hajj, but each congregation must maintain its health.

Here are some tips that can be prepared before leaving for Hajj:

– Rest when arriving at the inn
The long journey and the process of division of rooms which sometimes drags on often makes the congregation’s fatigue more and more. Although gratitude sometimes overcomes fatigue, the body still needs rest.

– Drink enough water and avoid caffeinated drinks or soda
Prevent dehydration by drinking more water considering the very high air temperature. With the availability of drinking places in the mosque, try to keep drinking. Also avoid drinks that contain caffeine or soda, because it can aggravate dehydration. The sign that we have to increase water consumption is to see the color of the urine which is more turbid.

– Consumption of healthy and balanced food with regular diet
Devotional activities and trips to the mosque can consume energy so it needs to be balanced with adequate food. Food intake must also be maintained with balanced nutrition because if it is not good it can adversely affect our immune system. Also, note that the food consumed is clean and relatively new to prevent food poisoning.

– Conduct routine health checks before leaving
This needs to be done so that health problems are immediately addressed and not protracted. It should also be noted that the contact of fellow worshipers is close enough so that if a person experiences flu can easily spread to others. Therefore, fellow worshipers can always remind if there are sick group members to immediately contact health workers and be ready to provide health services.