In your life, you may have experienced moving from an old house to a new home. For those who own a business, there are moments where you develop and need a wider place. Moving to a new place can sometimes be stressful because there are lots of things to move. Especially if you have to leave the old place immediately while you haven’t found a suitable new place. When you experience problems like that, storage places can be a solution to temporarily accommodate the items that you have before moving to a new home.

One important step that is impossible to pass when going to move house is the packing process. Often, being overwhelmed and foggy occur when packing. Therefore, it is very important to have an organized and efficient packing plan because this not only helps you when packing but also facilitates the process of loading and unloading items quickly and smoothly when arriving at the transfer destination.

– Separate items that are easily damaged
Avoid packing items that are easily damaged or broken such as glass, metal, aluminum, iron or wood. Use bubble wrap to wrap fragile items so they don’t get damaged while on the go

– Give different labels and colors
One quick tip is to give colors and labels to items of different types. By doing these tips, you can easily distinguish each box. In addition, it can dismantle goods faster and more efficiently.

– Pack clothes and necessities for 2 weeks
After packing all the items at home, you are advised to pack clothes and personal necessities for 2 weeks separately. Instead of having to dismantle items that have been neatly packed, arrange clothes, toiletries, and your personal needs in other suitcases – Remind your family members to do it too!