The role of Customer Service in a company is sometimes only regarded as an information service center and a bridge of communication between the company and the customer. A good relationship between the company and the customer is reflected in the customer relationship and customer service. This good relationship can be used or used as a strategy by companies to increase sales. Meanwhile, try to use the 1300 number lookup for your company’s phone number.

Currently the role of customer service is starting to shift on the sales side. The sales strategy at customer service can also be a factor to increase company sales. Why is that? Because of customer service, the needs of customers can be explored and known. Customers will be comfortable if during the use of the product there are parties who are responsible for the products they use. So that when there are problems related to consumer products, you can directly consult with the company through customer service.

This is in accordance with the purpose of customer service for the sales force. Which purpose is intended as a form of responsibility given by the company if it turns out at any time there is a problem with the product being sold, to provide various information about the company and products, to help increase sales, to provide services to consumers more efficiently, as good business strategy.

Well, this time we will share how to increase sales from customer service. As a customer service, maybe a few tips can be tried below:

1. Dig Customers’ Needs

Customer needs can be explored by customer service both in serving customers in chat, telephone or email.

2. Recommend Products

Give a choice of packages according to customer needs. Product recommendations to customers are not solely related to company profits, but provide reasons why recommend these products.

3. Discounts

Giving a discount in the form of a coupon code will also be an attraction for customers to order products. Potential customers who have not planned an order will consider the plan with a discount.

4. Help Customer Order

Give order assistance to customers to facilitate and provide customer comfort in communicating with customer service.