The things you need to pay attention to in making the correct home foundation with the shallow foundation are as follows. Meanwhile, check out the excellent fix slab foundation service near you as well.

1. Determine the size and layout of the house that you will build.

This is the first step that becomes the basic benchmark in making a house. Besides that, draw a basic Sketch that shows the building of your house from above to make it easier to make a house later.

2. Make a bow plank

This aims to benchmark the work of the foundation. Determining the center point of the column and the position of the wall and from this bow plank, we can also make the elbow wall at a 90-degree angle.

Bowpank is a reference that must be made in accordance with the house plan so you have to really make the column point

3. Exploring Foundations

The depth needed to make a simple house foundation is approximately 40 to 50 cm.
This depth is also influenced by the soil texture in the area that you want to build.

If the soil has a hard texture then the size mentioned is sufficient if the soil structure is otherwise crumbly/soft? then the excavation must be done deeper and added to the cone along the foundation line.

4. Install the foundation

After you have finished digging the hole. now is the time for you to install the selected type of foundation.

– Then the installation of bricks for the foundation in accordance with the point of the bowpank that had been made. Generally has a depth of up to 4 layers of red brick.

– This brick installation technique must be done carefully. The triangle-shaped foundation with the lowest layer widens, while the one to the top is a single brick that has a size of about 20 cm.

– When finished, then we continue to install iron that has been woven with a tie wire. Each of the iron ends is bent or crushed and all of them are associated with the local plate foundation iron or which can be called column poles.

– Furthermore, when installing formwork for Sloof, use a type of board that is approximately 400 cm x 20 cm x 2 cm.