Currently, there are many types of gadgets that you can choose well on the market. Of the many types, one type that is never deserted from enthusiasts is Note. Samsung is one of the gadget brands that most often issue this type. If you are one of the owners, and your Samsung Note has a problem, then you can find note 8 screen repair. That way, the problem in your Note can be overcome properly.


There are several types of 7 inch Samsung Note that you can choose and buy on the market. Some of the types in question are

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 (2016)
You can operate this tablet with a few touches because the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 is equipped with multitouch technology. 7-inch screen size is equipped with a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels and an HD quality screen. In the image display, this will spoil users who use tablets especially to play games or watch videos. To insert a sim card into a tablet, a nano-sized sim card is needed. About the network, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 is able to capture up to 4G LTE networks.

2. Samsung Galaxy J Max
Samsung Galaxy J Max has similarities in specifications with Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0, on sim card size, screen size, screen resolution, operating system, RAM size, and internal memory capacity. But its external memory capacity can reach 256 GB. Unlike the previous tablet, this tablet provides 2 sim card slots, with the ability to reach 3G and 4G networks on only one sim card, the other sim is only able to receive 2G networks. The processor’s brain is bigger which is 1.5 GHz. As well as a rear camera with a larger resolution, 8 MP. While the front camera is the same as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 2016, 2 MP.

You can choose these two types and adjust them to your needs when using the gadget. Because different needs usually will also be different gadgets used.